Peter Pearson-Jones is a member of Wolverhampton Chess Club. The club wanted to promote chess in local schools. He therefore wanted to create a site that could be used by teachers who wanted to run a chess club, but had little knowledge of the game.

He initially wanted to det up pages for beginners to learn how to play, but had the vision of creating pages on more advanced strategies at a later date.

We therefore designed the site as a chess instruction book, with levels of chess proficiency as a menu choice on the top bar. The sections that he had not got around to writing yet are listed as 'under construction'.

Design Extras

We designed a logo for the site and a favicon, based upon that logo.

To complement the site we set up a FaceBook page. This enables the public to contact Mr. Pearson-Jones and to discuss matters relating to the site online.

We designed a 'cover photo' for the FaceBook Page and inserted the logo in the header.

Flash Graphics for the Site

The site makes use of drag and drop Flash Graphic swfs (these are not viewable on Apple computers).

The above swf is useful for teachers to use with a whiteboard to discuss games with children. It also enables them to play a game on the computer without the need for a chess program. This can be handy when resources are limited.

This swf plays out a famous game and instructs how to write it up on the chess sheet. The user can step through the moves and observe what happens.

A lot of work was needed in order to insert the graphics in this site. Every page had at least two graphics and some very technical text. Mr. Pearson-Jones provided the material. We then had to ensure that graphics were matched with the correct pages and Mr. Pearson-Jones had to read through what we had done to check that we had not made any mistakes!

This was very time consuming and therefore potentially expensive. Luckily for Mr. Pearson-Jones he was one of our pro-bono clients at that stage! He was very pleased with our work and has kept us on to maintain his site. Hopefully he will be adding to it this summer.


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