Flash graphics within your site

Flash graphics can be an attractive feature of your site, and at one point all of the 'best' sites were Flash based.

However, Flash has the disadvantage that Apple doesn't recognise Flash items and you cannot afford to alienate a whole section of potential visitors to your site.

They can also take a long time to load and take up a large amount of energy. This is particularly a problem on mobile devices.

However, they are fun!

Lynda devised a wealth of Flash based teaching aids which were very well received on the Times Educational Site.

If you click on the jigsaw box you can sample the flash jigsaw.

You can click on the graphic below to view the rest of them if you are interested.

Flash lends itself to animated cards.Click here to see how they are made. Recordings of commercially produced music require permission from the copyright holders, but personalised messages addded to a 'card' add so much to a photograph on a card. If you do not have the time or inclination to do one yourself you can send a graphic to us and a recorded message and we could do it for you.

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This drag-and-drop chessboard was designed for cyber-chess.co.uk. It is a useful asset for teachers to use with a whiteboard. They can then discuss chess games with a class of children. It also enables them to play a game on the computer without the need for a chess program. This can be handy when resources are limited.(To try out the chessboard just click on the graphic).

This simple music player was designed for timjenks.co.uk. It showcases four of his performances.


Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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It was later replaced by a less graphical, but more efficient delivery of his music. People are reluctant to wait for things to load - especially when they are viewing your site on their cell phones!

Cost of production

The cost of production of a Flash swf depends on its complexity. You would be paying for the time it took to make it. You would have to contact us, explain exactly what you wanted it to do and we would give you a quote - or say that we could not do it!


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