About Us: Webscaping History

In the summer of 2012 the company was launched taking on 'pro bono' tasks in order to gain experience in customer service as the Webscapers honed their skills (and Katrina pursued her studies!).

The first project undertaken was to redesign the website of a local businessman. Martin Thomas is the managing director of Expocet, a multilingual European Export Sales intermediary for a number of UK manufacturing companies and working for him Katrina gained valuable experience in how to consult with a client. See here for details of what the project entailed.

The second venture involved setting up a brand new site for Peter Pearson-Jones - Cyber-Chess. Webscaping guided the owner with purchase his own domain and set up e-mail accounts for him to use. The site is an educational one, teaching beginners how to play chess. Mr. Pearson-Jones had plans to extend the site to include sections for intermediate and Advanced level players at a later date. Therefore the site had to be set up so that this would be easy to impliment at a later stage.This project involved working with a lot of graphics.Webscaping designed the logo and turned some sequences of chess-move diagrams into 'user-stepped animation'.

Our third client was local musician Tim Jenks. He wanted his existing site to be improved and had been paying rather a lot for the domain. We were able to update and extend his site and save him a considerable amount of money too! he had full control over the fonts used, graphics and colour scheme. We were able to set up a linked facebook page and advertise his gigs in local site.

Nicola G. Day had also had a disappointing first taste of the world wide web. It had cost her money and time to set up a site that produced hardly and response. Nicola is a holistic therapist and a Tai Chi and Qi Gung master. She allowed us 'carte blanche' to design a site that would express her persona on the web. She was very pleased with the outcome and the site has resulted in her rceiving a lot more enquiries than her first site.

In March 2015 we had an unfortunate experience with a businessman who wanted us to design two sites for him and then failed to pay us for the work. This has made us think carefully about doing work on graphics, logos, and pages without getting paid in part at least before allowing the client to have copies of them. Naively we produced two sites from scratch, together with a logo graphic that he is still using today for one company....

In November 2015 we launched an alumni site for Wolverhampton Girls' High School. This site will steadily grow as more sections and content is added. The virtual honours boards proved to be a popular feature - the 'real' boards have been suspended for a couple of years and the opportunity for students to celebrate their success on a virtual board was a valid alternative.

Currently we are maintaining the sites under our care.... but if you want us to make one for you, do contact us via the contact form.


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