The first project Webscaping undertook was to redesign the website of a local businessman.

Martin Thomas is the managing director of Expocet, a multilingual European Export Sales intermediary for a number of UK manufacturing companies. The company's site had not been updated for a number of years and Martin wanted a complete overhaul of the site, bringing all of the information up to date, archiving material and giving a fresh, modern look to the site.

The remit required Webscaping to:

produce a site that retained the feel and colour scheme of the original one but to

organise the material in a way that would be easy to navigate and to

include use of graphics to enhance a visitor to the site's experience.

We discussed turning it into a Flash site, or incorporating Flash elements, but with the difficulties associated with using a Flash based site on mobile devices it was agreed to go for 'Flash-looking' graphic elements without actually using Flash.

Martin had designed the logo, but Webscaping suggested an initial animation of it upon entry to the site to emphasis the trademark. We therefore developed the animated gif, shown in the title of this page, for the site.

The entry page needed to show the range of industrial processes that the company served as intermediary for. The graphic exchange box produced exactly the impact that Martin desired.

The reworking of the site also required translation of the site material into several European languages.

Although, as designers, Webscaping did not have to actually translate material, we did have to devise a structure that allowed pages to be viewed in a user selected translation. We also had to consult with several members of the company in order to obtain translations of the material and once the multilingual pages were implemented we had to involve those people in proof-reading the translated pages.

Installing a Google page tracker allowed us to share information with Martin as to the demographics of those potential clients who visited the site.


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