During the summer vacations of 2012 and 2013 Katrina worked as an intern for Aston Active Software Engineering.

Her remit in 2012 was to design the site. She designed the logo in accordance with strict parameters from Aston University as to the colours and shading techniques she could employ. She then produced the favicon to match.

She originally produced the site in html so that general structure and links could be agreed with the site owners. Once this was done she began teaching herself PHP and SQL so that she could translate the site into its required final form. She developed a CRUD database system and implemented the template for it before her studies took over that autumn.

In the summer of 2013 she worked in a team to develop the site further. Having studied PHP and SQL to a deeper level in the second year of her studies, she was able to translate the entire site into PHP and SQL. The CRUD database, enabling the user to add, delete and amend data items was fully implemented and tested.

The owners of the site were very pleased with the work that she did, and she gained a lot of valuable experience from working as an intern.


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